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Lisbon, 04 Apr 2022 (Lusa) –

The Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) guaranteed today that the reform of the SEF will take place and that “the entire restructuring process will be clear and transparent” and in dialogue with the structures of workers.

The new Minister of Internal Administration, José Luís Carneiro, received the three unions representing the SEF this afternoon and one of the items on the agenda was “the ongoing restructuring process”, says the MAI, in a response sent to Lusa.

According to the MAI, José Luís Carneiro assured the representatives of the three unions that “the entire restructuring process will be clear and transparent, through a frank and open dialogue with the workers’ representative structures”.

During the meeting, the minister also ensured the “maintenance of the remuneration status” of the employees, that “everything will be done to protect the functional status” and “preservation of a dignified career, with prospects for progression”, as well as the “possibility of accessing leadership positions, exercising functions in European and international organizations or immigration liaison officers”.

The minister also told the unions that border training courses will start this week at the GNR and PSP, two of the police forces that will absorb the SEF’s police powers, together with the PJ.

The MAI indicates that José Luís Carneiro also realized that the restructuring process of the SEF “is an institutional evolution that corresponds to a change in political options and public policies, in accordance with the Global Pact for Migration, approved by the General Assembly of the UN, and the National Plan for the Implementation of the Global Compact on Migration, already approved and published by the Portuguese Government”.