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Tuesday 31st March 0900 hrs

Health – The DGS reported that confirmed cases rose 7.5% to 6408. This is an improvement over the 15% increase reported the day before. The next month will be crucial. The peak is only expected in late May and it is projected to be more of an extended plateau, before cases start dropping off. It will still take considerable effort to maintain this plateau, before cases start dropping. The country faces at least two more months of lockdown, possibly longer.

The North is hardest hit especially in Porto and the adjacent municipalities. DGS indicated that Porto must be closed off (cerca sanitaria) to allow authorities to better control this epicentre. Porto area municipalies and business associations strongly oppose this measure. The government will decide today how this will proceed.

Also in the North there continues to be many outbreaks of the disease in care homes (lares). The outbreaks are becoming more numerous and more widespread, even affecting a military lar in Lisbon. DGS views protection of the elderly as a priority and is starting a program to test all of the 10,000 lar health workers and residents across the country in order to better identify and control the spread using testing kits developed in Portugal.

853 medical personnel or 15% of staff have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in quarantine. Nurses are routinely working 12 hour shifts. Staff is short, supplies and equipment are low and cases keep growing. A TAP flight brought another 13 tonnes of medical supplies and equipment and 200,000 test kits from China. The bombeiros are starting to distribute 30,000 face masks to those most at risk.

State of Emergency – On Monday the President described the situation in Portugal as “dynamic” with various serious issues arising each day. He will spend today (Tuesday) consulting with experts and then meet with the government, before deciding on a new period of State of Emergency. The Prime Minister has said that emergency measures currently in place will need to continue even if there is not for some reason a subsequent period of State of Emergency. The government will need to deal with the strong objection of the Municipalities in and adjacent to Porto to the DGS decision to create a “cerca sanitaria”. Local elected officials feel that they were not consulted and that such action would harm the area. They do not respect the authority of the DGS. As elsewhere in the country on Monday police continued traffic checks to make sure only essential travel was occurring.

There is also a crisis in the penal system. Guards are unprotected from the virus, although masks are to be distributed as soon as possible starting today and prisoners fear the disease and are agitating to be out of the situation. This week the government will consider releasing vulnerable low-risk inmates who are near the end of their sentences into the general population.
Enforcement – Police continued operations to control traffic leaving Lisbon and at points within the city and around the country in an effort to get the population to stay home and refrain from unnecessary travel. With the warmer weather there will be a concerted effort to prevent city dwellers from spending Easter week in the Algarve or other coastal areas or in the interior. The population will need to accept that this will be a very different Easter. The clear message from Civil Protection, PSP and GNR continues to be to “Stay home, safe lives” and they are appealing to the public’s sense of civic responsibility.


Monday 30th March 1800 hrs


The Prime Minister today called for all donations and generosity to help fight the pandemic to be coordinated with regional health administrations, so as not to “waste any resources” as happened with other major catastrophes.

“The mobilization of all is essential, but this mobilization must be organized. It is very important that whoever wants to make donations, take initiatives, try to articulate them through the regional health administrations, under the risk of us having the concentration of many resources where they least expect them. They are necessary and to fail us essential resources where they are absolutely indispensable “, appealed António Costa.

“Because as we have seen in previous experiences, in the face of major catastrophes, when generosity is not properly organized we lose and waste resources and today we cannot waste any resources”, he warned.

The prime minister began by thanking the work of all the municipalities and universities in the country in the face of this pandemic, also emphasizing the work of the Armed Forces, which “has been extraordinary on all fronts”.

António Costa repeated a maxim he has used in relation to this crisis: “wish the best, but be prepared for the worst”.


Monday 30th March 1300 Hrs



In order to protect our owners and help the security services please follow this advice

Under the State of Emergency all our owners have been asked to stay at home except for essential reasons such as essential work, groceries, visits to the pharmacy or for medical reasons etc.  They are all granted limited ability to get fresh air and must observe social distancing and avoid any group activities. In normal times our beaches and parks are like magnates, attracting many people.

Across the Algarve and the west coast of Portugal local municipalities have used their powers under the State of Emergency to close beaches and adjacent parking lots and parks, as well as public parks and play areas and other public spaces across the country.

With warmer weather there will be even great temptation to be outside. However, our owners need to respect the stay at home order. They should get limited exercising in our own neighbourhoods. Us dogs should also be walked in areas adjacent to our home or ideally, where possible, on our own property. All trips to beaches, parks and public spaces for recreation or to walk us should be avoided.

A State of Emergency, especially one during a pandemic, requires all citizens to adjust their daily routines and minimize activity outside the home to a minimum. Our owners are all in this together and they must think of how their actions affect others. Our medical and emergency staff are exhausted and cannot be expected to be everywhere. Our owners can help best by staying at home. Both they and us dogs all want this situation to end, and it will end sooner, with better results, if everyone respects others and stay at home.


Monday 30th March 1300 hrs

Changes in SEF’s public service



Effective today (March 30) the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) have ceased taking all client appointments. All appointments already made will be dealt with in the same chronological order, so as to promote fairness, starting July 1. All clients with applications in the system at the declaration of the National Emergency on March 18th will be considered to be properly documented until June 30. (Obviously any expiry date will need to correspond to the date that new documents are issued and we expect clarification on this at a later date.)

These provisional approvals are considered valid before all public services, namely to obtain the number of users, access to the National Health Service or other health care rights, access to social support benefits, signing of lease contracts, signing of employment contracts, opening bank accounts and contracting essential public services.

Also, visas and documents related to the stay of foreign citizens in national territory that expired after February 24, are valid until June 30. These documents, as well as the Citizen Card, Driving License, Criminal Record and Certificates, must be accepted by public authorities for all legal purposes.

SEF will continue to provide in-person assistance only for requests considered urgent. That is, citizens who need to travel or who prove the urgent need to leave the national territory, for unforeseen and unavoidable reasons and citizens who require replacement documents due to theft or loss.

Regarding the issue of passports, SEF will now accept only urgent requests.


Monday 30th March 0900 hrs

Health – The DGS reported that confirmed cases rose 15% to 5962. The peak is only expected in late May and it is projected to be more of an extended plateau, before cases start dropping off. The country faces at least two more months of lockdown, possibly longer. The North is hardest hit especially in Porto and the adjacent municipalities. The area will be closed off (cerca sanitaria) to allow only essential travel so as to try to contain the spread of the disease. Also in the North there continues to be outbreaks of the disease in care homes (lares). Asilo de S. José in Braga had a third resident die Sunday and has a total of 25 residents and 18 staff infected.

Among Sundays deaths were a baby and a 14 year old both with underlying conditions, demonstrating that it is not just the elderly who are at serious risk. The death rate among those over 70 years of age went up slightly prompting the DGS to state that in order to protect the vulnerable, including the elderly, the public must continue to comply with State of Emergency Measures by staying at home so as to slow the spread of the disease and thus lessen the demand on already stressed health resources.

Enforcement – Police continued Operation Stop to control traffic leaving Lisbon via the 25 of April and the Vasco da Gama bridges in an effort to condition Lisbon residents to stay home and not to exit the city for day trips to the beaches along Costa da Caparica and areas south as is very common when there is warm weather. The flow of traffic was less than Saturday and all non-essential traffic was turned back. Authorities are working hard to make sure that everyone continues to stay home, especially during the upcoming Easter Holidays. This period would normally see a huge exodus from Lisbon not just to beaches around Lisbon, but also for many seeking an Easter week holiday in the Algarve.

The Ministry of the Interior reported that as of 1800 hrs Sunday a total 70 people were apprehended for civil disobedience for not obeying the stay at home order and a total of 1546 businesses that were not essential were shut down.

Important to note: The Prime Minister has indicated that it is all but sure that a new State of Emergency period will be proclaimed on Tuesday and it is likely that further measures will be announced to make sure people stay at home.




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