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The purpose of this page is to keep you, the community, informed of developing major incidents that may pose a risk to life and property, so people can take appropriate action as advised by the appropriate government authorities

Such incidents may include, severe weather conditions, rural fires, earthquakes, radiological disasters, viruses etc. These may also include incidents originating from overseas, such as in the case of viruses, which could pose a risk to the population in Portugal.

The information and advice given, is from government sources, and reliable established professional organisations both in Portugal and overseas, including in this case China.

This will be updated at least twice daily or at more frequently if the situation demands.

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Currently there is an ongoing incident – Last updated  Thursday 27th February 0800 HRS

Incident name: Coronavirus Covid-19

Dated started and where: It was first reported to the WHO on 31st December 2019 originating in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China



On 30th January the new coronavirus has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread outside China.

On 11th February the World Health Organization announced  the official name of the coronavirus: “Covid-19“. It is the first decision made by the scientific community that is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, to analyse and share information about the disease.



As at 0800 hrs  27th February 2020 WHO reports the number of deaths stands at 2775 including two in Hong Kong and 60 overseas in the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Iran, South Korea, Italy and France, plus two on the cruise ship Diamond Princess.



Confirmed Deaths Serious Suspected Recovered
Global 82,187 2775
China Mainland 78,514 2744 8346 2358 32,495
Outside China ML 3690 60 104 203


A total of 40 countries have confirmed cases. There is considerable concerned in South Korea where the number of confirmed cases has tripled in the last few days now standing at over 1595 with 13 deaths; Iran with 22 deaths and 141 confirmed cases and Italy with 453 confirmed cases and 12 deaths. (26th Feb)

Of those confirmed overseas, 691 are on board the cruise liner Diamond Princess moored off Yokohomo, Japan.

This compares  on 27th where it was  reported 6973  suspected cases in China, with 976 severe cases. These figures are changing rapidly.

Sina News (in Chinese) Data Source China National and Provincial Health Committees in Real Time:  Download here


Preventive steps and reducing risk of transmission:

For travellers returning to Portugal from the affected areas who show symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness, during or after the trip, before attending a health clinic, they should call 808 24 24 24 (SNS24), informing them about their health condition and health history. following the guidelines that may be indicated. (More details see our “How does Portugal act to avoid spread of virus page”)