Dealing with suspected and confirmed cases

What should I do if I am experiencing Covid-19 like symptoms?
Firstly DO NOT go to a clinic or hospital or to a test centre

Call the SNS 24 line 808 24 24 24 option 9 for English (the first option you hear).

The Director General of Health Portugal has repeatedly advised those who maybe experiencing such symptoms to contact its SNS 24 hotline FIRST BEFORE visiting a clinic.

They will check you through your symptoms with advice specific to your condition and if necessary can arrange for you to be seen by a doctor.

According to DGS “Infected people may experience signs and symptoms of acute respiratory infection such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing”. In more severe cases it can lead to severe pneumonia with acute respiratory failure, kidney and other organ failure and eventual death.

At SNS 24 there are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, computer and biomedical engineers, as well as management and administrative staff. They are available to help you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (clinical services).

SNS 24 IN English

If you have a symptom and don’t know what to do the following may help?

“Evaluate Symptoms” is a feature on the SNS 24 website that allows citizens to assess their symptoms and obtain information and advice appropriate to their non-emergency health problem.ärmklipp-2020-06-19-21.38.36-600x242-1.png
It is important to know that “Assess Symptoms”:

• It is not a clinical diagnostic tool.
• It is not a medical consultation.
• It is not a substitute for professional health care.


You will need to agree Terms of Use

PRESS GREEN BUTTON and on next page Select Cov-19
You then enter your personal details followed by symptoms and it provides you with recommendations to take.

Pay attention to your own and your families health.

The Emergency legislation, the Director General of Health, asks the population to pay attention to their health status. This is a situation that we need to get used to for a long time. It´s crucial that we not relax and think it´s over.