Safe Communities Portugal (SCP) closely monitors (where we can) the various Decree Laws, which have been published during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sometimes these can be quite complex and difficult to understand, presenting a challenge when translating into English.

In order to assist people SCP has produced various FAQs which can be found on our page below.

However, where a more complete picture is required on the most general issues, SCP has been able to translate some of the shorter official Guides produced by Government, particularly those which are health related. These are there to help both businesses and individuals. We thank Jenny Byers a volunteer with SCP for undertaking most of this translation work

Some of those produced during the State of Emergency laws are no longer relevant as the laws have been revoked. 

Portugal Government Vaccination Plan launched 3rd December 2020 (In Portuguese) Download here

Passenger Locator Card Guideline – For use by air passengers travelling to or returning to Portugal to enable the tracing persons and contacts of cases of COVID-19 that have travelled by air, in order to promptly interrupt any possible chains of transmission

Download guideline here
Download online form for completion before flying here

The following guide produced by DGS on 19th June provides a list of recommendations by sector of activity with reference to more detailed guides produced

Download the Guide in Table format here

The following guide produced by DGS (030/2020 updated 20th July is for operator and user of sporting and leisure facilities such as gyms, health clubs and swimming pools

Download DGS Guide in English here

New Guide – DGS Guide establishes standards for contact tracing

The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) has published a Standard on the tracing of contacts (identification, risk assessment and implementation of measures), which is one of the key elements for the early detection of cases and limiting the spread of COVID-19

Download the introduction only to the guide here

Download full guide here

Recommendations Manual for Youth Associations and Youth De-Confinement For You- Covid 19,

These two publications produced by the National Federation of Youth Associations (FNAJ), are primarily aimed at those involved in the running of youth associations and provide the information for the safety of facilities , contingency planning and those who are attending such facilities. The second publication Youth De-confinement is very useful as it provides information for younger people in the role their age groups play in prevent the spread of disease especially contact with those who are vulnerable

Download Recommendations Manual for Youth Associations here in English

Download Youth De-confinement Manual here in English

Covid-19 Mitigation Phase – Recovery Guide 28th May

This guide by DGS for includes cultural events and facilities, museums and cinemas. It is intended both for operators and users as well in terms of hygiene conditions and arrangements and social distancing to be applied in these facilities/events.

Download DGS Recovery Guide in English here

Turismo de Portugal – Guide for Local Lodging (AL)

Download this guide in English here

Download in Portuguese here

This guide for beaches was now in effect from 6th June.

Summary Beaches PDG English HERE

This guide is specially for the use of public transport for passengers and for taxi/Uber drivers and passengers

DGS Guideline Public transport users (passengers) HERE

Guide Urban Rentals 6th April –

Note: The President of the Republic enacted Monday 25th May a law that extends until September the regime that allows struggling housing tenants to use a loan to pay rent and non-housing to defer their payment. (publication awaited)

Guide to the Decree Law 4C 2020 in English covers delays in the payment of rent

Guide to the Use of Facemasks

Please note that since this guide was produced on 13th April it is now mandatory for those 10 years of age or over to wear Facemasks in indoor spaces such as supermarkets and also outdoors when social distancing cannot be secured, for examples in shopping areas.

DGS Guide to the use of Facemasks

Guide for Tattoo parlours

This guide is for the hygiene standards to be adopted by operators of Tattoo parlours and those carrying out body piercings

DGS Guide for Tattoo parlours

Guide produced by DECO (an association of Consumer Rights in Portugal) entitled Tourism and Leisure Guide in Times of Covid-19.

This covers a number of useful topics including tourist accommodation, cinemas, shows and festivals, and package tours etc.

Download the Guide Here

Guide on the Safe use of Golf Course produced by the Portuguese Golf Federation

Download from their website here


General Situation of Calamity Guide in three phases in table format issued 2nd May 2020

Table of Measures

For more information please refer to our FAQ page here.