The Judicial Police, following an investigation against against organized trafficking in narcotic drugs, carried out in recent days, a major operation that culminated in the arrest of seven people, six men and a woman, alleged to be involved in drug trafficking.

The detainees comprising three residents of the Porto area and four from Coimbra district, are suspected of constituting a network that supplied the downtown area of various types of narcotics, including heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

The operation conducted in the central and northern areas of the country, resulted in addition to the arrests Judicial Police seizing about 17,600 doses of hashish (about eight kilograms), 1800 doses of heroin, 300,000 thousand doses of cocaine, fifty doses of ecstasy, three precision scales, a grinder, a colander, a melee weapon, a gun, a car and €10,315 in cash.

The detainees, aged between 18 and 47, some of them with criminal records for the same type of crime, were appeared at the first court hearing, probation having been applied to two of them and the other periodic presentations to the authorities and prohibition of contacts between them.