UPDATE 20.00 Hrs

In an incident, a firefighter suffered minor injuries and was taken to Abrantes Hospital.

CDOS Santarém stated that the fire is not putting the population at risk and no evacuation has been necessary.

The fire does not have a very wide front, in terms of width, but evolving in length, the source said, adding that it is burning “with some intensity in forest settlement”.

The fire continues to burn in Tomar, but it is in Abrantes and Constância that the fire most worries Civil Protection stated , with wind intensity being “the great difficulty on the ground”.

A heavy amphibious aircraft (Canadair CL215), operating code Alfa 2, from the Special Rural Firefighting Device, had to dock this afternoon at Castelo de Bode Dam after aborting take-off following a water scooping operation.

The alert was given at 17:43. The crew was unharmed and only minor material damage was reported.

The aircraft, from the Castelo Branco Air Media Center, was participating in fire fighting operations in São Pedro, Tomar parish, in Tomar municipality, Santarém district.


A forest fire broke out today at 16:10 in Tomar municipality, in the Santarém district.

It is located inan area of “forest settlement”, in the locality of Contraste, in the parish of São Pedro de Tomar, according to ANEPC, on its website.

The fire is catching the forest area next to the Castelo de Bode Dam and earlier two helicopters were collecting water in the reservoir and preventing the front from advancing towards Constância.

As at 1800 hrs at total of 278 emergency personnel supported by 75 vehicles and 10 helicopters/aircraft had been deployed


The ANPC have reminded that should anyone be affected by the fire to follow the instructions of emergency personal.

Action recommended by Civil Protection to be taken in the event of forest fires can be downloaded in English here.