On 9th October the GNR Territorial Command Lisbon, through the Criminal Investigation Unit of Mafra, arrested, in the town of Mafra, four persons for illegal stay in the country.

The arrests took place in the context of an investigation into pimping since 2015.

The searches took place in a setting of a nightlife area involving three residences in the town of Malvern. As a result of the searches the following was seized:

  • 8309 euros in cash;
  • Five mobile phones;
  • Several materials and related documentation connected with pimping.
  • Various documentation for PayPal receipts.

The operation involved 37 military from criminal investigation units, territorial, and intervention units and the canine unit. The Magistrate of the Public Prosecutor at the Lisbon District West, area accompanied police during the operation.

The detainees will be brought to the Court of Sintra during the day