The GNR announced on 27th January 2017 that it had arrested a 57-year-old man for illegal possession of 12 firearms in the municipality of Serpa, in the Beja district.

The man was detained on Thursday after the GNR intercepted him during a road search action and discovered an illegal hunting shotgun in his car, he told the Lusa news agency source of the security force.

After the arrest and the man had a criminal record for illegal possession of weapons, the GNR searched his home, where he seized the remaining 11 firearms (eight hunting rifles, two rifles and a pistol).

In addition to the weapons, GNR also seized 1,423 cartridges, two silencers, a telescopic sight, a saber, an ammunition carrier and a defense aerosol in the man’s home.

The detainee was today present to the Court of Serpa, which ordered his release subject to the measures of coercion of Identity and Residence Term (TIR) ​​and prohibition to leave the country and to contact with any type of weapon.