The Maritime Police advises all bathers to “watch for thefts”, always protecting their property with some basic measures, which can avoid problems at beaches.

Here are the advice of the Maritime Police:

> Avoid carrying valuables to the beach, taking only the essentials for bathing;

> When going to the sea, always leave someone to look after the goods, be it a family member or friend. In case you do not have anyone who does, always leave the goods in line of sight;

> Always try use permanently guarded beaches, not an isolated area away from other bathers, because the presence of other people may inhibit attempted thefts;

> When parking your car, avoid leaving belongings in sight

> In case of presumed theft, it is important that you remain calm, confirm that it was actually stolen and that the goods have disappeared.

> If confirmed a theft, contact the Maritime Police with jurisdiction on the beach where you are, through the contacts available in the Portal of the National Maritime Authority, which you can see clicking here .