A person who in April last year killed a young man with a stab in the chest and then run over has been sentenced to 25 years in prison

The victim was the run over and the vehicle set on fire, abandoned in a land in Vale do Coto, in Caldas da Rainha.

The crime occurred on April 15 of last year, when the victim, a native of Fazendas das Figueiras, in the municipality of Coruche, came to Caldas da Rainha to celebrate his birthday.

His body was found charred on the 23rd of that month, on the land of a private property that was for sale, in the middle of the woods, twenty meters from the road that connects Vale do Coto to Barrantes.

The victim had an unknown whereabouts since the 15th, and his disappearance was reported to GNR the next day by family members. Later the investigation was passed on to the Judicial Police, to whom the case was transmitted.