Building on the success of our series of our wildfire prevention and environment protection seminars, the next in the series will be held in Messines on Thursday 26th June 2014 from 1730 to 1930 hrs and in Silves on 4th July 2014 at the same time.

This time the seminars will be in a slightly different format; the first half from 1730 to 1830 hrs being in Portuguese and the second part from 1830 to 1930 hrs in English. The events are being organized jointly by Safe Communities Algarve and GNR Silves and will include the participation of the Municipal Civil Protection Agency. The GNR will be represented by the Commander of GNR Silves Captain Antonio Ramos and his presentation will cover the work of the GNR SEPNA concerning forest fire prevention and environmental protection.

If you live in a rural area these are important events at the start of the critical fire period.

The Messines event will be held at the Junta de Fregusia de Messines and the Silves Seminar will be held at the Public Library. Those wishing to attend are requested to register by contacting Safe Communities Algarve at or on 913045093