Armed forces can disinfect the establishments and CEMGFA guarantees perfect coordination with the PSP and GNR in combating the pandemic.

The military will have an important role in the process of reopening high schools for the 11th and 12th years of compulsory schooling, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMGFA), admiral Silva Ribeiro, revealed this Tuesday.

“Sixty teams from the Army and Navy will participate in security measures in schools, from the training of teachers and staff to raising students’ awareness,” said CEMGFA, in a hearing at the parliamentary defence committee.

The military chief said that this intervention will be carried out in 800 schools with the preparation of a manual, which in some cases will involve disinfection operations, and was coordinated between the ministries of Education, Health, Defence and the branches.

“This is not a security crisis in the country, the security forces have complied perfectly,” he repeated several times about the need for greater involvement of the Armed Forces in measures to prevent the coronavirus pandemic.

As for the mobilization of military personnel for border control, “If that becomes necessary… But in these circumstances, from what we have seen, there is no need,” he said.

“The articulation of the Armed Forces with the Security Forces has been perfect”, he reiterated, and revealed that during the covid-19 crisis he has already held two meetings with the Secretary-General of the Internal Security System (SSI), Helena Fazenda, one of which happened this Tuesday morning.

About the 7800 volunteers who responded favourably to CEMGFA’s appeal, mostly military personnel in the reserve or family members of military personnel, Admiral Silva Ribeiro explained his initiative. “It has nothing to do with a shortage of personnel, but with the spirit of solidarity and the sense of service of the military family,” he said.

In fact, he maintained that the military will be available for the diversity of actions required: from logistical support to civil protection to searches. At this point, the Air Force will deploy 12 drones for the next forest fire campaign.