The Faro District Civil Protection Commission (CDPC) met today for the third time since the Red Alert Special Status of the Integrated Protection and Relief Operations System (SIOPS) was declared for the Special program for Combating Rural Fire (DECIR), where the main objective was the monitoring of the situation, in this context, in the Algarve.

For this meeting, the Presidents of the Municipal Councils (CM), the municipalities affected by the fire that started in Monchique, namely Monchique, Portimão and Silves, as well as the President of CM de Loulé, whose municipality is in the area of interest of the theatre of operations.

The Regional Operational Commander (CODIS), a member of this Committee, gave an overview of the regional operational activity within DECIR, as well as the operational anticipation measures implemented in the Region, which are adjusted, at each moment, according to the forecasts.

In view of the high commitment of the Fire Brigade facilities in the Monchique fire, and as a measure of the replacement of the Initial Attack capacity (ITA), future ignitions were designed for the Algarve in addition to the following resources:

Three firefighting brigades (which are already pre-positioned);

  • A medium bomber helicopter, for ATI, operating from the Air Media Center of Loulé.

After hearing CODIS, the District Civil Protection Commission decided:

  • To reiterate solidarity to all those affected, in any way, by this fire;
  • To reiterate the recognition of the work of all civil protection agents and cooperating entities involved in the fire in Monchique, Portimão and Silves, as well as their total availability;
  • Reiterate full confidence in the field combat and civil protection device;
  • To reaffirm confidence in the Regional Civil Protection System, in the involvement of Municipalities and other Civil Protection Agents, and to convey that the Algarve continues to be a safe region for residents and tourists.