More accidents, more dead and more injured on the roads this year

The ANSR road statistics also indicate an increase in light injuries, with 34,254 recorded since the beginning of this year and 32,468 in the same period of 2016.

Lisbon is the district with the most accidents recorded (21,887), down from the previous year (22,216), followed by Porto (19,313), Faro (9,313), Braga (8,959), Aveiro (8,480) and Setúbal (8,405).

The district of Oporto has the highest number of fatalities recorded, with 60, almost double the 35 registered in the same period, followed by Setúbal (46 this year and 32 in 2016), Lisbon (42 this year and 48 in 2016) and Santarém (40 this year and 21 in the same period of 2016).

Lisbon is also the district with the most serious injuries registered (250 this year and 260 in 2016), followed by Faro (161 this year and 1,414 in 2016), Santarém (159 this year and 114 last year) and Porto (146 this year and 144 in 2016).

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