More than 500 people died last year on Portuguese roads, according to data from the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), which also indicate an increase in road accidents and serious injuries compared to 2016.

According to the figures available on ANSR’s website, 509 people died on the Portuguese roads, 64 more than in 2016 (12.5%).

There were 130,157 accidents on the roads (127,210 in 2016) and 2,181 serious injuries (2,102).

The ANSR data, which refer to mainland Portugal and are still provisional, indicate that of the accidents last year resulted in 41,591 minor injuries, against 39,121 registered in the previous year.

In the last week of the year (between 22 and 31 December) were recorded by the authorities 15 fatalities and 56 serious injuries.

The accumulated data for the year indicate that the district with the most accidents recorded was Lisbon (26,698), followed by Porto (23,606), Braga (10,980), Faro (10,752), Aveiro (10,416) and Setúbal (10,147).

Porto leads in number of fatalities, with 68 registered in 2017, followed by the districts of Setúbal (56), Lisbon (51), Aveiro (44) and Santarém (43).

The district with the most serious injuries registered in 2017 on Portuguese roads was Lisbon (311), followed by Faro (192), Setúbal (189), Santarém (186) and Porto (170).