The city of Mangualde today thanked “the immense solidarity shown by the citizens” after the fires on Sunday and released a list of goods considered priority to respond to the needs of the victims of the fires. This was one of the worst area affected by fires.

“At the moment the following goods are a priority: bed linen, towels, underwear (pajamas, bedroom slippers, etc.), toiletries, household utensils (pans, dishes, pans, etc.).

The list was prepared by the Technical Services of the Municipality of Mangualde, who are coordinating the survey of all the needs of the population most affected.

“All of these goods must be delivered to the Mangualde Social + ‘Social Shop, located at Avenida Conde D. Henrique (Radio Buildings). Upon receipt of these goods, and in the light of the identification of the most critical needs, these goods will be distributed, daily, to those who need them.

In this first phase of rescue, the Chamber considers that “it is not opportune to deliver appliances, furniture and other equipment without first promoting the reconstruction of the dwellings affected.”

However, the Technical Services states that anyone who wants to donate goods of this kind should indicate “the intentions / availabilities for these offers through the phone 232619880 or the email”. The donations of building materials will await a closer survey of reality.

The municipality also informs that it provides psychological support to all people “who have experienced a traumatic situation, need help for their emotional stabilization, because they have been confronted with a catastrophe, whose personal and collective consequences are still difficult to calculate and evaluate “.