The GIPS Mountain Support Team is the GNR’s most recent force established in Madeira.

Created in January of 2015, this special unit was given the missions of mountain search and rescue and to aid in forest fires surveillance and prevention. Besides these two main task, it also provides safety for sports in nature, like trail and canyoning.

They can develop and undertake their missions in all the territory of Madeira’s Autonomic Region in coordination with the civil protection agency.




    • Address:Avenida do Mar e das ComunidadesMadeirenses nº. 13 Código Postal - 9000 - 054 Funchal
    • Fax:291 961 234
    • Tel:291 969 420
    • Mobile Tel:(351) 966 484 169
    • GeoRef:32º38´50.01”N / 16º54´27.53”W