GNR – Madeira Territorial Command

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The GNR in Maderia is under the Command of the Madeira Territorial Command comprising of a number of specialist divisions and units. Included in these are the special units, shown in the right of this page.

In Madeira the GNR has a well defined role in terms of public safety, through units such as its Coastal Command, SEPNA, GIPS and the K9 unit. More details of these can be found on the other GNR pages in this section. In addition it has within its responsibilities the collection of tax and revenue.

The collect of tax and revenue, in the Autonomic Region of Madeira, goes back to the year of 1477 when it was carried out by the “Almoxarife” and the “Four Kingsmen”. This mission has always been closely engaged with another Central Government institution: the Funchal’s Costums (Alfândega do Funchal).

Since then this mission has remained, keeping pace with the adjustments and evolution of the tax and revenues system , refining its tasks over the years.

  • 15 de Março de 1477 – establishment of the Alfândega do Funchal. Tax and revenues enforcement carried out by the Almoxarife and the four Kingsmen;
  • Late sec. XV – Staff of the Kingsmen upgraded to eight;
  • 1834 – Creation of the Corps of Land and inboard Ships Guard (Corpo de Guardas de Bordo dos Navios e de Terra);
  • 1885 – Creation of the Fiscal Guard (Guarda Fiscal);
  • 1993 – Fiscal Guard is included in Guarda Nacional Republicana and becomes the Brigada Fiscal;
  • 2007 – Establishment of the Comando Territorial da Madeira.

More information about the GNR Madeira can be found at their Facebook page here

Please also visit the GNR website which covers the whole of Portugal.

Safe Communities Portugal thanks the GNR Madeira for their assistance in constructing these pages.

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  • Safety precautions when walking the levadas - in EnglishDownload

Comandante da GNR - Madeira
Diamantino Guerreio Ferraz Dias

      GNR Madeira Territorial Command Headquarters

    • Address:Avenida do Mar e ComunidadesMadeirenses, nº 13, 9000, 054, Funchal
    • Fax:291 225 145
    • Tel:291214460
    • Tel - 24hrs:(351) 961 196 210
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    • Airport Fiscal Post
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