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Nearly 2000 operatives fighting around 40 rural fires


Posted Facebook Thursday 7th July 1800 hrs

Yesterday (7th July 2022) mainland Portugal experienced one of the largest simultaneous deployment of operatives and other resources so far this year, coinciding with an increase in air temperature and lower humidity as well as being hampered by strong winds in some areas.

As at 1747 hrs there were 34 fires, 13 of which were at active, eight were in resolution and 13 in conclusion. A little earlier there were 38 fires.

At 1747 hrs a total of 1691 operatives were deployed, supported by 480 vehicles and 28 fixed wing aircraft/helicopters. In terms of air deployment this was nearly half of that available under the DCIR. As an update at 1925 hrs 1877 operatives were deployed support by 540 vehicles and 23 aircraft.

It was interesting to note monitoring the fires throughout the day, that 16 of these fires were registered between 1600 and 1700 hrs, as temperatures increased and the RH, and with fire operations being hampered with strong winds such as at Frágua, where over 360 operatives are deployed.

Nearly all the fires were in the centre and north of the country.

No doubt we will hear more about this in the briefing at ANEPC later this evening.


Our many congratulations to the emergency teams who are playing a massive role, including the aircraft pilots and crew, Bombeiros, civil protection special forces, GNR, ICNF and INEM and all other entities deployed.

There is little doubt that the pre-positioning of resources and the timely deployment of fire-fighting aircraft is having an impact on some these fires where access is very difficult for ground forces.