The Secretary of State for Internal Affairs presented the new regime for the points driving license, approved in the Council of Ministers of 21 May 2015. On this occasion, Dr. John Almeida said there will be an adjustment period of one year, should the new regime enters into force on 1 June 2016. The new regime does not include any amnesty for offenses committed under the current law.

The Secretary of State said that every driver is allocated 12 points, which decrease if the driver commit serious offenses or very serious, or road crimes. In the case of serious offenses, offenders lose two points and, in very severe, four points, while in road crimes lose six points.

It was also noted that about one third of deaths from road accidents have rates of blood alcohol over the legal limit at that offenses related to alcohol are more penalized than others: a serious offense, with an alcohol level of 0, 5 g / liter, is penalized with three points and a very serious administrative offense (0.8 g / liter to 1.2 g / liter) is penalized with five points. The same goes for driving under the influence of drugs.

The bill states that the subtraction of points the driver has intermediate levels, and to attend road safety training sessions when we only have four points and carry out a new survey code when getting only two. When the offender losing all points will be untitled driving for two years and must obtain a license again.

Is three years drivers without violations gain three extra points, reaching a maximum of 15 points, stressed the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State explained that the letter by points will go into effect automatically without the need to replace any document and having no cost for drivers, who can see your registration in the new portal of offences.

See here the main details of the new scheme.