Revision of the “Arms Act” was unanimously approved by the Assembly of the Republic.

The sixth amendment to the Legal Regiment of Arms and Ammunition is approved. The so-called “Law of Arms” was voted on Wednesday 15th May with the approval of all parties represented in the Assembly of the Republic and imposes a maximum of 25 shotguns and rifles per hunter.

The first proposal put forward by the Government for the reformulation of the standard has generated a strong opposition among hunters, collectors, shooting practitioners, gunsmiths and many of those who have a license to use and carry a weapon.

They argued that the new definitions of what is a weapon and the restrictions imposed would increase the discretionary power of those who oversee and could increase the arms trade.

The associations linked to the sector also ensured that the initial wording of the law would allow for various interpretations of what is a crime and prohibited legal hitherto weapons