The Government wants to “stop the scourge of domestic violence” and proposes in the Government Program presented today “to develop an integrated signalling system for potential victims and aggressors”.

Government  proposes to promote the integrated action of the education system, the health system, the police, the judiciary and other agents and to focus on primary prevention, particularly in schools, universities and health services, in order to avoid dating violence and all forms of gender violence.

Thus, it promises “to expand the National Domestic Violence Victims Support Network to ensure full coverage of the national territory, while offering increasingly specialized responses to the various cases of domestic and gender violence.

In the program released on Saturday 26th October, the Government outlines the creation of a ”single point of contact for victims of domestic violence, where it is possible to address all issues, with guarantees of privacy and ensuring the monitoring and protection of victims”. .

“Unifying the Domestic Violence Database by establishing an information processing system that is based on a global and integrated view on homicides and other forms of violence against women and domestic violence” is another intention.

The Government admits “to consider the possibility, in the current constitutional framework, and through the analysis of comparative experiences, to realize an integrated judicial approach regarding the decision of criminal, tutelary and promotion and protection cases concerning the commission of crimes against victims. particularly vulnerable, in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Europe’s Expert Group on Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence ”.

In the document, the Government also devotes a chapter to combating all forms of discrimination and strengthening the fight against racism and xenophobia and will create “an observatory of racism and xenophobia, as well as“ institutionally empowering the fight against racial discrimination in treatment. of migration issues ”

“Combat the direct and indirect segregation of Afro-descendant children and Roma children within the education system”, “create incentives to support young people from the Roma community for the continuation of their education in the 3rd cycle and secondary education, observing equality of gender ”are other intentions.

The Government also intends to “develop, within the framework of the 1st Law program, specific initiatives to support the integration and access of Roma and Afro-descendant communities to housing, in order to counteract phenomena of ethnic-racial ghettoization and to eradicate“ camps ”. and non-classical housing zones that exist throughout the country. ”

It also wants to “counteract the effects of residential segregation by promoting integrated resettlement initiatives and the provision of public services, particularly education, of heterogeneous territorial scope”.