During 2016 the PSP registered 4932 arrests and the GNR 4017 of people without a valid driving licence.

If you have become accustomed to thinking that the validity of the driving license is almost lifelong, it is best to go check the website of the Institute of Mobility and Transport. It is that the date on the back of your document may not be correct for the purpose of revalidation of the licence, since with the entry into force of a decree-law in 2016 the deadlines have changed significantly.

Last year, until October, according to the latest statistics, 906 people were imprisoned for the crime of driving without legal authorization. For the same reasons, and during the same period, the GNR detained 4017 drivers, while the PSP recorded 4932 arrests.

Since driving without legal authorization is a crime, detainees face a criminal process, which, in most cases, ends in the so-called summary process, a more expeditious form provided by law. Convictions can either be punishable by a fine – for example in the case of primary offenders – but can lead up to imprisonment for up to two years for repeat offenders.

The Law

Decree-Law 40/2016 of 29 July dictates new rules for holders of driving licenses issued or revalidated before 2 January 2013. These drivers – of categories AM, A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE , Mopeds and agricultural tractors – will have to revalidate the licence at the age of 50, without presenting a certificate. Then they revalidate again at 60 and 65 years, with presentation of medical certificate. At age 70, they will have to revalidate with a certificate and, from that age, revalidation happens every two years.

Drivers who are entitled to drive after January 2, 2013, will have to check the validity date of the certificate and renew it every 15 years until they reach the age of 60. When they reach this age, a medical examination is mandatory.

From January 1 of this year, just go to the website of the IMT (Institute of Mobility and Transport), register, fill your application, pay by ATM and receive at home your new driving license. It takes about two weeks. By placing your orders online you automatically have a 10% discount (instead of €30, pay €27), but one of the main savings is time. Often you had to miss a morning or afternoon just to deal with a relatively simple change or to issue a medical certificate. You can now scan the certificate and the process is progressing online.