It was reported on 16th April 2014 that the Judicial Police, through the National Anti-Corruption Unit (UNCC) conducted an operation in the northern and central parts of the country, which led to the dismantling of a large international fraud.

The fraud, which originated in Italy, extended to France, Spain and Portugal. This involved the false promise of financing which reached a total value of EUR 3.8 billion resulting in the victims (dozens of businessmen) linked to construction, hotels and restaurants, losing around 2 millions euros in advanced payments.

Resulting from the complex investigation, a 55 years old Portuguese national was arrested and was remanded in custody. At the end of March, following an European Arrest Warrant issued by the Portuguese authorities, an Italian businessman, 69 years old, resident in Italy, who coordinated all the fraudulent activity from his office in Parma was also arrested.

This business is already known by the Italian authorities for the practice of various economic and financial crimes.