On 28th September the National Republican Guard (GNR) intensified throughout the national territory, the monitoring of the use of seat belts and restraint systems for children (SRC) and the misuse of the phone whilst driving.

Enforcement actions, carried out by the Territorial Command and the National Traffic Unit, directed at, national, regional and local roads where the offences relating to such matters are more frequent, resulted in the inspection of over 3 thousand drivers, having recorded the following violations:

  • 117 for failure or improper use of safety belts and / or restraint system for children;
  • 85 misuse of mobile phone in the course of driving.

Being missing or incorrect use of safety belts and / or restraint system for children one of the main causes of serious road accidents (with death and serious injury) in Portugal, as well as speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.


The GNR will continue to intensify these measures to reduce the number of road accident victims.