The Judiciary Police through the National Anti-Corruption Unit, under a DCIAP investigation have carried out an operation in which it has detained five foreigners, aged 39, 43, 46, 51 and 56 and seized material from seven searches, in connection with crimes of criminal association, money laundering and qualified scams, carried out at an international level.

This transnational organized group used the national territory to circulate capital (several million euros).

The detainees constituted front companies and opened accounts at financial institutions in Portugal.

The detainees had, it explained, set up front organisations and opened accounts in financial institutions in Portugal.

The group, of a “transnational nature,” moved millions of euros through Portugal, the Judicial Police states.

Present at the first judicial interrogation at the Central Criminal Court, all detainees were subject to the pre-trial detention order.

The Judiciary Police is pursuing investigations in order to ascertain the nature and extent of criminal activity under investigation