The National Republican Guard (GNR), in its area of ​​responsibility, from tomorrow, December 28, and until the end of next Wednesday, January 2, will intensify road patrolling in the most traffic routes in this height of the year, with the aim of preventing road accidents, ensuring traffic flow and supporting all road users in order to provide them with a safe journey.

As a result of the road accidents registered during 2018, and particularly in this holiday season, the GNR will be particularly attentive to the trips to and from the places of entertainment and higher concentration of people. These trips, due to the celebrations of the new year, are often associated with the committing of some excesses, which may lead to the occurrence of serious accidents. The aim is to deter risky behaviour on the part of vehicle drivers.

During the operation, the National Transit Unit and the Territorial Commands will be engaged in military operations, which will focus their attention on the following infractions:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances;
  • Speeding;
  • Dangerous manoeuvres;
  • Incorrect execution of overtaking, change of direction and crossover manoeuvres;
  • Misuse of your phone;
  • Overtaking, change of direction and crossover manoeuvres;
  • Misuse of your phone.