On May 3rd the Territorial Command of Faro, through the Criminal Investigation Unit of Loulé, yesterday arrested two men aged 28 and 32 years for five crimes of qualified theft in Ourique.

As part of an investigation into theft and use of a bank card, initiated a little over a week ago, by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Loulé, a police operation was carried out, culminating in the detention of the two individuals.

The suspects operated in golf practice areas where high-value goods were stolen.  At the time they observed the victims typing in their pin numbers to pay for items, following which they then stole items including the bank cards. Then they made withdrawals and made purchases of large value items, while the card remained active.

The action resulted in the apprehension of:

  • A motor vehicle;
  • Three watches with a total value of 90 thousand euros;
  • Stolen bank cards and documents;
  • Several pieces of new clothing, worth EUR 1 000;
  • A pair of glasses;
  • A GPS.

To date, the value ​​of stolen objects and amounts of obtained by the improper acquisition of goods using stolen bank cards exceeds 120 thousand euros.

The detainees developed criminal activity with a high level of organization, remaining in the national territory for a short period of time, immediately leaving Portugal with the stolen goods and illicitly acquired products as a way to reduce the likelihood of being apprehended by the authorities .

The detainees are currently present at the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Loulé.

The action was supported by the Albufeira Traffic Detachment and the Ourique Transit Post.