The operation and use of outdoor pools requires that those responsible for the management of these spaces implement procedures for the prevention and control of infection, ensuring compliance with rules of occupation, permanence, cleaning of spaces and physical distance between users, in accordance with rules defined by the Government in the current epidemiological context.

The swimming pools are recreational spaces visited every year by thousands of people, so it is important to define the aspects to be taken into account in their operation and use, so as not to jeopardize the strategy adopted to control the Covid-19 pandemic.

The use of outdoor pools is no exception to compliance with the general measures to combat the pandemic, defined by health authorities, which recommend physical distance and avoidance of concentration of people, frequent hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, cleaning and cleaning of spaces and the use of a mask or visor by the professionals supporting the pools.

On the other hand, and in accordance with the provisions of no. 2 of article 30 of Decree-Law no. 24/2020, of 25 May, it is necessary to adopt special rules to be adopted regarding the occupation and use of swimming pools outdoors and regarding the guarantee of water quality, health and safety of the facilities.

Thus, the Government defines that in enclosures with outdoor swimming pools where chairs, loungers, umbrellas, stalks or similar equipment are available for use by users in the surrounding area, they must be ensured in order to provide for a distance of three meters, except when occupied by users belonging to the same group.

In addition to the ban on equipment for collective use, use of recreational and / or collective equipment by users, such as buoys, mattresses or the like, which may hinder the enjoyment of spaces by others, should be avoided. users in compliance with the rules of physical safety distance.

In outdoor showers, sanitary facilities and circulation areas of outdoor pools, the use of footwear is mandatory.

The maximum permitted occupancy must be defined according to the restrictions necessary to comply with the rules of hygiene and physical distance between users, with the maximum number of people allowed in each outdoor pool defined by the competent local authority.

Those responsible for the management of enclosures with outdoor pools must ensure the posting of operating rules and prevention and mitigation measures implemented in a visible place, as well as adopt a signaling system at the entrance of the enclosure that allows users to obtain information about the occupation of space, using the color code provided for in article 12 of Decree-Law no. 24/2020, of 25 May.

This regime defined by government order and already in force is extended to swimming pools integrated in tourist developments and in local accommodation establishments.