The Assembly of the Republic approved the draft Law of the PAN party.

The draft law presented by the PAN party prohibits the “discarding” of the cigarette ends onto the public road and provides that the Government promotes actions to raise awareness of this issue, both for citizens and those responsible for commercial establishments. 

Failure to comply with these assumptions will lead to a slight or very serious environmental counter-order and to the imposition of high fines.

During the discussion of the draft law it was pointed out that some municipalities already have initiatives in this area and could contribute to the final version of the law. André Silva said that “it is estimated that in Portugal about 7,000 cigarette ends are thrown to the ground every minute.”

Closing the debate, the deputy acknowledged that the proposal “is not perfect” and “needs corrections” to “improve and make a consensual law.” The document now goes to the Committee on Environment, Spatial Planning, Decentralization, Local Power and Housing.