The Judiciary Police announced on 18th May the arrest of a pastor who is “heavily indicted” for a forest fire crime that occurred in January, in the Serra do Alvão, in Vila Real.

The 53-year-old man was detained by the Local Criminal Investigation Unit of Vila Real PJ, with the collaboration of the Nature Protection and Environment Service (SEPNA) of the GNR.

According to the Judiciary in a statement, the fire occurred on January 17, around 1700 hours, and consumed an area of ​​250 hectares of forest, consisting of bush and wild pine of natural regeneration.

The PJ also said that the fire put in danger the houses of the village of Cravelas, located in the Alvão mountain range.

This fire mobilized close to a hundred operatives, who had the support of 26 vehicles. The strong wind and dry bush made it difficult to fight the flames and it was only early in the morning that the low temperatures helped to put out the fire.

The detainee will be present to the judicial interrogation to apply any coercive measures