The Metropolitan Command of the PSP of Lisbon, through the Police Division of Oeiras, on November 29, in the parish of Linda-a-Velha, Oeiras, arrested whilst caught in the act, a male citizen of 28 years dismantling a high-end car, which was parked on the public road.

Following the Police investigations, a house search was carried out in the area of ​​Loures, where it was possible to apprehend:

  • 3 Mobile phones;
    • 2 exhaust pipes;
    • 1 Garage control;
    • 1 centre console of a steering wheel;
    • 1 Car radio;
    • 1 front glass;
    • 1 Command and key;
    • 1 Sound speaker;
    • 1 Car and various tools used to dismantle the car.

The detainee was present at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Oeiras, having been subject to a Term of Identity and Residence