A person was detained and nearly two million smuggled cigarettes seized by the GNR in Montalegre (Vila Real), in an operation it was announced today.

According to the GNR, the seizure took place last Friday, under the IBÉRIA operation, which sought to carry out searches for a site used as a support base by an international criminal organization. It was used to store fraudulently produced tobacco to supply the marginal commercial circuits, both in national territory and in other European countries.

In a statement, the GNR states that 1,897,940 cigarettes of different brands were seized, packed in about 95 thousand packs “that did not bear the fiscal stamp required for its commercialization in the national territory” and had a commercial value of around 420 thousand euros.

If it had been sold to the public, recalls the GNR, “it would have harmed the State by more than 320 thousand euros, resulting from the evasion of tax levied on Special Tax on Tobacco (IT) and VAT.”

A 41-year-old man was arrested and appeared before at the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Oporto (DIAP), but was released on payment of a security of five thousand euros, being subject to periodic presentations at the police station in his area of ​​residence.

The operation of the Tax Action Unit, through the Tax Action Detachment of Oporto, was supported by the Intervention Unit and the support of the Spanish authorities through the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard.