A Brazilian man died on Sunday afternoon (18th October) on a Aer Lingus flight between Lisbon and Dublin, Ireland, after swallowing 80 packages of cocaine with a total weight of 800 grams and valued at 52,000 euros.

One or more of the bags burst inside the body causing his death. The drugs were found during the autopsy of John Kennedy Gurjão, aged 25 years, a native of Amapá, Brazil.

A Portuguese woman in her 40s, also on the flight from Lisbon, was arrested on suspicion of drugs offences. It is not clear if her arrest is linked to the man’s death.

Toxicology tests have been carried out on the consignment found in the man’s stomach. Passengers said the man became agitated and then violent and had to be restrained.

A doctor and a nurse treated the man aboard the plane, an A320, after he lost consciousness. The captain declared a medical emergency and diverted the plane to Cork airport, landing early evening local time. About 170 passengers and crew members were taken from the aircraft and were interviewed by police about the incident.

The Irish authorities have asked the assistance of the Judicial Police to establish details of the drug trafficking route in Portugal.