The two made a trip from Lamego to Porto to sell a stolen shotgun, but they ended up becoming victims after running out of money, no gun and no money to return home.

After the deal went badly, the two plaintiffs, both drug addicts, invented a story that they had been robbed, in an attempt to pass themselves off as victims, so that authorities could take them back to Lamego. But the Porto Judicial Police discovered their claim was false and instead arrested them for qualified theft, trafficking and mediation of weapons and crime simulation.

On 10th September the two individuals, aged 20 and 35, a warehouse aide and the other cook, broke into the residence of an emigrant in Lamego, where they stole a shotgun.

They saw an opportunity to do business there, selling the gun and buying drugs with the money, or simply exchanging it for drugs. Therefore, they went to Porto, where the probability of realizing the purchase and sale was greater.

On the way, the car broke down and they ended the trip by taxi. They went to the district of Ramalde, where they were with traffickers who kept the gun, without giving anything in return. With no transport, no money, they called the PSP, claiming they had been mugged. The case passed to the PJ, who suspected their story was not true and they finally confessed.