The PJ has indicated the detention of a woman in Portugal in the context of an international investigation of Belgian transport companies, which will have injured the Social Security of this country in about seven million euros.

According to PJ, the woman was detained for crimes of tax fraud, social security fraud and criminal association and will be present to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Lisbon Court of appeal for first judicial interrogation.

The arrest was made by the National Anti-Corruption Unit (UNCC) and took place under the “Operation Octopus”, following the investigations carried out in Portugal, and in compliance with a European arrest warrant issued by the Belgian authorities.

Belgian companies are suspected of having committed fraud to the Belgian Social Security in an amount close to seven million euros

In the scope of the investigations, the PJ conducted on 14th March 2017 two searches in the Lisbon area.

According to a statement released by PJ at the time, the investigation is aimed at “three Belgian transport companies, which will have resorted to the services of a criminal organization operating in Portugal and Slovakia, circumventing Social Security laws. Committed fraud to the Belgian Social Security in an amount close to seven million euros “.

The PJ is part of an international joint investigation team, with French, Belgian and Slovak police authorities.

“In the context of this operation, the Federal Judicial Police of East Flanders, in collaboration with the social inspection services, carried out 12 searches in Brussels, Malines, Wavre-Sainte-Catherine, Hamme and Pervijse,” adds PJ.

In the course of these searches carried out in other countries, according to the note, two people were arrested and five were presented for judicial interrogation, in addition to the Belgian authorities seizing ten vehicles.