The Judicial Police, through the Criminal Investigation Department of Aveiro, have  detained a 23-year-old unemployed man, accused of child pornography, by the collecting and sharing, through the Internet, files portraying children in explicit sexual practices.

The investigation came as part of the international fight against child pornography in conjunction with foreign authorities.

It was found that the suspect has been actively engaged in the dissemination of videos and pornographic images in which children, most of them young children, are victims of sexual abuse.

It used for this purpose, programs of file-sharing in an Internet portal that requires the registration of users, so that the contents are only available to those who have an access code.

The investigation will continue to determine the connection of its criminal activity with third parties engaged in similar practices.

Following a house search conducted at the suspect’s home in the municipality of Mealhada, a portable computer was seized, which stored thousands of pornographic multimedia files of minors, obtained through the abovementioned modus operandi.

The detainee was present to the Judicial Authorities competent for judicial interrogation, having been applied the coercion measures of weekly presentations at the police station of the area of ​​residence, prohibition of Internet access and obligation to undergo psychiatric medical treatment.