Seven unions of PSP and the Association of Guard Professionals (APG / GNR) will today 9th January hold a national meeting open to all police to decide on protest actions to take place on January 21.

The meeting, which will be held in Lisbon, was decided after “the intransigent stance” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) in the ongoing negotiation process, according to the Association of Police Professionals (ASPP / PSP), one of the organizing unions.

ASPP President Paulo Rodrigues told Lusa that the protests to be held on January 21 are unlikely to be in the form of a demonstration similar to that of November 21 last year, and other actions are being considered.

The January 21 protest was decided at the November 21 rally, in which PSP unions and GNR professional associations demanded a solution to the main demands of the class.

Among the demands of the GNR police and military class are the payment of the risk allowance, the salary update and the remuneration supplements, the increase in staff and more and better personal protective equipment.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has set a specific timetable for matters under discussion with trade unions and socio-professional associations of the security forces.

On 16th January 2020 a meeting will be held to discuss remuneration supplements, and on  13th February a further meeting will discuss the new law on infrastructure and equipment programming of security forces and services, and on 5th March will be on security and occupational health.