The government is in the “phase of completion” of the bill that will allow police officers to use video cameras in their uniforms – the so-called bodyguards – something that has been claimed by the PSP itself and which is already happening in many European countries and in most US states.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that “the proposed law to change the legal regime governing the use of video surveillance systems by security forces is in the final stages.” concerning the use of designated bodies by members of the security forces, whose use is also subject to regulation “.

The government also adds that the National Data Protection Commission “will be heard” during the legislative process that will follow.

PSP considers that this type of equipment is fundamental for the safety of its agents and the public, and its images are important for the determination of the facts.

The PSP National Directorate has already asked that the Amadora division (where troubled neighbourhoods such as Cova da Moura, Estrela d’África) be a pioneer in the use of this equipment, in a pilot project preparatory for the expansion of this type of equipment.

“For us, these chambers are fundamental for proving both the bad behaviour of the police and the citizens and have an undeniable deterrent effect to attempts to manipulate the facts,” explained the source of the National Directorate of PSP to DN.

Police already have equipment purchased, according to trade union representatives, who already use it in specific situations during training.

What is still lacking is legislative regulation.

That was admitted Tuesday by the minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, when he commented on the cases of violence with police of the last days, triggered by the images of aggressions in the Barrio de Jamaica, in Seixal.