On 10 February, at 19.00 hrs, the PSP Police Criminal Investigation unit of Portimão arrested a foreign citizen age 16, for possession / trafficking of narcotics and suspected thefts in several residences.

In recent weeks the unit has been investigating some burglaries in homes during the daytime where the culprits broke in by scaling walls, particularly at dwellings located on ground floors. This included surveillance in a number of areas.

The detainee, along with three other young people aged between 16 and 17, were approached after acting suspiciously in a residential area in Portimão. So far it has been able to link them to four thefts during recent weeks.

When the suspects were detained 59 doses of hashish and a weapon were seized, as well as recovering a number of stolen items such as mobile phones, play stations, cameras, a laptop, a hard drive, an MP4, various jewellery and watches.