On 30th August at about 3:40 a.m., in Oporto, police officers from Porto intercepted four suspects in a stolen car who minutes beforehand had stolen a number of items from an establishment in Porto.

In order to escape the suspects rammed a police car, as well as a second vehicle at the scene, forcing police officers, face the risk to their physical integrity, firing shot at the vehicle, wounding a suspect.

The suspect was immediately transported to hospital and the two police officers who were injured as a result of the collision. Unfortunately, the individual shot aged 16 years, died of his wounds in the hospital.

At the site, another was arrested aged 19, and another two managed to escape.

In addition to the recovery of stolen vehicle, several packs of cigarettes and the vending machine, which were stolen were seized.

The occurrence was reported to the Public Ministry and the General Inspection of the Interior, who will undertake a subsequent investigation of the incident.