On 16th July 2015 the Public Security Police Command of Porto Division of Criminal Investigation (COMETPOR), the  Special Police Unit – Intervention Corps Intervention and Cinotécnico Task Force, plus  teams from the Police Intervention and Control Squadrons of COMETPOR, undertook an operation targeting a wide range of individuals wanted for drug trafficking in the metropolitan area of ​​Porto.

The investigation started nearly two years ago, under the direction of DIAP Porto, and the latest operation involved conducting 56 house searches and non-domiciliary searches located in the metropolitan area of Porto, in particular Nuno Pinheiro Torres Quarter and the Pasteleira Rainha D. Leonor, resulting in the detention of 13 persons (10 men and three women). The following was also seized:

  • 5.2 kgs of Heroin sufficient for about 62,100 individual doses;
  • 1.3 kg of cocaine sufficient for about 13,850 individual doses;
  • 130 grms of Hashish sufficient for about 650 doses individual;
  • amphetamines and marijuana in small quantities;
  • € 64,000 in cash;
  • Two vehicles;
  • Two revolvers, ammunition and several prohibited weapons;
  • Digital scales and other items used in the direct sale of narcotics.


This is the third phase of the 3 phases of the operation which has seen the arrest of 29 citizens,  11 (eleven) are already in custody; ​​106 house searches and seized 6.5 kg of heroin , 5.05 kg of cocaine , € 160,000 in cash, four guns, eight knives, more than a hundred rounds of ammunition different calibres, 64 mobile phones and other articles used in the preparation and direct sale of drugs.

The detainees, will appear before the Judicial Authorities.