Following the in Pedrógão Grande fire which is now in the final stages of conclusion, the fire close-by in Góis, Combria was brought under control at 0741 hrs today Thursday 22nd June after five days of firefighting.

At the site are 1010 operational, supported by 284 vehicles. The units will remain and will be reinforced with four heavy aircraft – Canadair – and two heavy helicopters.

Air assets will “help consolidate and cool the perimeter of the fire,” Civil Protection operational commander Carlos Luís Tavares said in a statement to reporters at at 0800 hrs on Thursday.

In view of the high temperatures that are expected for the region, Carlos Luís Tavares estimates that “reactivations may happen”, and that is the reason to keep the current device on the ground. “We’re going to have a lot of work to consolidate the aftermath,” he said, noting that “the fire’s perimeter is too large.”

According to the official, about 20,000 hectares of forest will have been burned in the f in Góis fire.
For overseas tourists planning to travel in areas which may be affected by the fires please contact your respective Embassies for information. The complete list can be downloaded here: