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With so much bad news in the world at present, let us celebrate some good news here in Portugal for the week:

– Favourable/improving Covid-19 situation, means that it is no longer mandatory to wear masks (with few exceptions), after 2 years of doing so,

– At long last no weather warnings in place for mainland Portugal for the next few days

– Massive discounts for 2nd Class IC travel on railways means you can travel from south to north of country for just €10

– Passenger Locator Form dispensed with, which means your family and friends no longer have to complete a PLF for entry to the mainland.

– Entry into national territory by air, sea and river is authorized, in the context of essential and non-essential travel, regardless of the origin of the passengers. (See FB post yesterday)

– Today marks the last day of the 48 year dictatorship in Portugal which ended on 25th April 1974.

– The Lisbon City Council has approved the free public transport in the city for young people up to 23 years and those over 65 years, resident in Lisbon municipality

– Increased tourism – National tourist accommodations received 1.2 million guests in February, which represents an increase of 507% compared to the same month of 2021, according to data published by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

– The Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix, between Friday and Sunday, in Portimão, can generate a direct and indirect return of around 50 million euros for the country. The company that promotes the World Motorcycle Speed Championship, Dorna, has confirmed its intention to keep the Portuguese Grand Prix on the calendar in 2023.

So let’s celebrate the Good News there is around and brighten up our day.