There are more than 1500 operatives and about 20 aerial means that this Thursday are fighting 14 active fires. None of these has yet reached the level of a major incident. The most significant are:


The largest fire is in a bush area in the municipality of Porto Mós, in Leiria, mobilizing 207 operatives, 61 vehicles and two aerial means.

Two people were slightly injured when fighting the flames that spread in Marinha da Mendiga, in the Natural Park of Serras de Aire and Candeeiros.

According to the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of Leiria, there is a record of the withdrawal of combat from a forest sapper, due to smoke inhalation and exhaustion, and a fireman, with slight burns on the lower limbs.

In Guarda, in the municipality of Sabugal, 187 operatives, 54 terrestrial means and three aerial means fight the flames in a bush area since around 13:45.

“The fight against flames is evolving favourably and there are no houses at risk,” he explained to the Lusa agency, a source in the District Command for Relief Operations (CDOS) in Guarda.


In Viseu, the fight against a fire in Sernancelhe that is active since the early afternoon in the bush area has 181 operational, 62 land and three air means.

The fire, which spreads in an area of ​​brush and forest, is worrying the authorities and is approaching homes. As a precaution, some elderly people were removed from their home.

The strong wind that is felt in the place is making it difficult to fight the flames.


In Alijó, Vila Real district, 166 operatives, 51 land means and three air means are mobilized to fight a fire in a forest area, which also broke out in the early afternoon.

The alert was given by 12:00 and the initial attack was “very muscular”, having mobilized the means available to the place where the very strong wind and high temperatures represent one of the greatest difficulties in fighting fire.

The source said that the fire surrounded the industrial zone of Alijó and that the operatives managed to protect this area.

The fire has a front that burns with some intensity in a rocky area of ​​forest and difficult to access by land.


In Fundão, in the district of Castelo Branco, there is a fire in a forest stand with 196 operational ones, 43 land means and eight air means. This fire started around 14:00.