Campaign “Portugal Calls” starts today and intends to mobilize the community against the fires. The initiative of the Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fire (AGIF) is an appeal to the protection of the country.

The danger is there and it is up to us all to act until the summer, clearing the land, taking care of the land and the forest, carrying out the burns correctly, registering the land, protecting the villages and warning of risky behaviour,”This campaign has Portugal calls for all!

More information on the PortugalChama website

Mobilise to change behaviour before summer arrives

It is in the hands of all of us to contribute to a Portugal to be protected from serious rural fires.

“Portugal calls” is the National Campaign with the seal of the Portuguese Republic, which integrates the participation of all the governed areas and supervised services involved in the prevention and combating rural fires and which will air tomorrow, on television, radio, press, digital and billboards.

“Portugal calls” is much more than a campaign, it is a call to action, which launches a challenge to each of the population to mobilize and contribute to a country protection from serious rural fires. The danger is there and it is up to us all to act by Summer, clearing the land, taking care of the land and the forest, performing the registering of the land, protecting the villages and alerting people of the risk.

Emotion and action

The first movie that will air tomorrow is very strong and emotional and reminds us difficult times, but it challenges us all to play an active and decisive role. Each one is part of the solution. Then, throughout the year, films, radio spots, billboards, Press releases and distributed leaflets, along with the website and a number of mobilization of citizens to:

Value the forest, nature, land

Caring for the earth

Modify behaviour

We want to reach all citizens and believe in a strong regional campaign.

We can all make happen differently on the ground, in each region, county, parish, village.

“Portugal Chama. For you. For all”.