On 14th March 2018 at around 14.40 hrs the PSP Metropolitan Command of Lisbon, through the Division of Criminal Investigation, in the parish of Alvalade, Lisbon, arrested whilst caught in the act a 39 year old man, suspected of committing the crime of robbery.

During surveillance by police in the area it was possible to verify that the suspect approached elderly victims under threat of a weapon and physical force, pushing the victims to the entrance hall of their residence, sand stealing items of value, leaving them, physically and economically weakened.

Following the arrest, steps were taken to locate other victims and carry out searches for the suspect’s residence. Several items of property stolen from other victims, as well as two knives and garments with which he committed the crimes were seized, plus a Pocket knife; a Mobile phone; a Women’s handbag; and € 10.37 in cash.

The suspect is referenced in another 13 crimes of robbery, undertaken using the same MO, in various points of the city of Lisbon, in a short time.

The detainee, with a number of criminal records, was present at the 1st Criminal Investigation Section of the Lisbon Court of First Instance, for the first judicial interrogation, having been applied the most serious measure of Preventive Detention.