Público has reported that the 10 arrested in connection with an operation that the PSP and the PJ held earlier this month in Amadora against violent crimes, were remanded in custody, the District Attorney General of Lisbon (PGDL) revealed.

The PGDL adds that “nine of the defendants were heavily indicted for aggravated robbery and the tenth for committing crimes of forbidden weapon possession and serious physical offenses.” According to the PGDL, the detainees were presented to the first judicial interrogation in the framework of five investigations, all of them conducted by the third section of the Amadora Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP).

The operation, which took place on 1st February 2017, resulted from the reports by several people of thefts in the street, “including through physical force and using the weapon, as well as users of public transport road-rail , In particular the Sintra line, “explained the PSP at the time.

At the time, in a statement, the PJ reported that, in conjunction with the PSP, “it fulfilled 13 home search warrants, targeting residences located in the 6 de Maio Neighborhood, Casal da Mira, Bairro do Zambujal and Estrada Militar, all in the county Of Amadora “.

In addition to the searches carried out by the PJ, the criminal investigation squad of the Amadora PSP carried out eight more searches, including in the neighborhood of Casal da Boba in Amadora, and a residence in Mira Sintra, Sintra municipality, according to a police source.

In the course of the operations mobile phones and tablets obtained in robberies, clothes used in assaults and a replica of a weapon of war, supposedly used in armed robberies, were sized. The replica was a G36 automatic rifle, one of the weapons used by the PSP’s Special Operations Group (GOE).