Judicial Police have advised “that should anyone wish to make a criminal complaint against the company and/or its employees in Portugal, they can do so by contacting DIAP ( the Public Prosecutors office in Faro) in addition to any crime complaints already made to Action Fraud in the UK.

This may assist in determining any contraventions under Portuguese law and other lines of enquiry not being conducted in the UK.

There is no issue with separate enquiries being conducted both in the UK and Portugal, if there is sufficient evidence to justify the latter. That will be determined by DIAP.

In accordance with the law the Complaint must be written in Portuguese and can be submitted by hand at DEPARTAMENTOS DE INVESTIGAÇÃO E AÇÃO PENAL (DIAP) Faro, Rua Antero de Quental, no 9, 8000-210 Faro. Take the original and a copy and the office will stamp the duplicate for retention. You can also send by email to but you will need to send the original by post to them within 7 days. Their contact telephone number is 289 892 942. Their website where more details on reporting can be found is here.

Please note this is the advice of the Judicial police to those who wish to make a complaint, not that we are at Safe Communities Portugal are advising people to do so.